The Winds of Glenhoolie

The past versus the future.  Standing on the snowy battlements of the  Scottish Castle Glenhoolie, Professor and sometimes-journalist Claire Agnew  envisions powerful ancient warriors and sleek modern windfarms vying for the same hills and fjord. She came supporting the wind farms, but  the past exerts an unmistakable lure.

That attraction isn’t merely the castle the neighboring village, however. Broad-shouldered, long-legged Alec Kincaid is equally intriguing as he shares his local knowledge and insights into local wind farm politics. To Claire, Alec is a wealth of information and welcome company on snowy winter evenings.  To Alec, Claire is refreshingly open, delighted in the village of Dunlorrie and the ancient buildings he disdains… until he realizes why she is asking so many questions. What is more important – preserving the past or preserving the future? Will Clair choose past or present, as she navigates  The Winds of Glenhoolie?

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