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Perspective, my new contemporary romance, is currently available in ebook format for a *limited time special offer* of only $0.99 (list price $3.99). You can grab this bargain starting December 19, through December 26th!

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Now in Paperback!

Digital publishing is a wonderful addition to the publishing spectrum, but having a book in your hands can be good, too. So, Perspective is now out in paperback and is available through Digital editions are, of course, available through major booksellers, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Apple, Smashwords and others.

Cover Reveal! Perspective

Is a new career, a new address and the right man too much to ask?

Photographer Prairie Donahue wants a Toronto address, career success and a good man to share it with. Her eye for photography is better than her eye for men, however.

Evan Lund needs a woman in his life. The problem is making time as he builds his ad agency.

Kieran Dawes has known Prairie since grade school, but his secret can destroy a chance at happiness.

Denis Sease has nothing to hide, except, maybe, that he’s afraid of dogs – the one thing Prairie’s convinced makes life complete.

What will it take for Prairie to make her mark in Toronto’s art scene and find the right man to share it with?

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Lava Storm…in the Neighborhood

Imagine, the Ring of Fire is erupting. Volcanoes throughout the world are spewing ash into the skies and lava spills down their sides. Half the trees on Earth have been decimated. What would happen in YOUR neighborhood?

That was the challenge set for the authors of the short story anthology, Lava Storm In the Neighborhood. It was met with a variety of stories with action, drama and adventure  as writers explore the theme, “my brother’s keeper.” It makes for entertaining reading.

I’ll admit to a smidgen of bias — I’m one of the 23 authors — but I’ve read the stories and enjoyed them.

The paperback is available April 25, 2014.

272 pages

Professor Limn Books LLC

“Canary Ice” Goes Live on Kindle

Steve Nesbitt, head of a ski resort search and rescue team, has the ‘canary diamond’ ring and the woman of his dreams. He plans to propose on a heli-skiing trip, but a mix-up puts the wrong woman on his helicopter. His plans for a romantic marriage proposal crash along with the chopper, leaving him stranded on a glacier with a beautiful starlet.

Mia, Steve’s girlfriend, will move mountains to save them, but has Steve become someone else’s’ leading man?

My short story went live for Kindle e-readers this morning, at