Advice for My Younger Self

I saw a question last week: “What advice would you give to your younger novelist self?” I have a couple pieces of advice, but I’ll only share one.
“Don’t worry about what someone else thinks.”

Worry about what your mother, your minister, your high school chums from way back when think changes your writing. Rather than writing their truth, write yours.

Chocolate by the Sea … Launched on Amazon

Tess Carmichael has a great life. She has a trendy condo, works with her best friend, and viewers are flocking to her TV cooking show…but she needs every advertiser she can get to keep that show afloat. She’s busy running her company. By taking Tess Carmichael Cooks…and So Can You! to the Chocolate by the Sea festival on the Washington coast, Tess hopes to attract more viewers…and more advertisers.

Dax Molino inherited his family’s boutique chocolate firm and its reputation for quality. After years of poor management, he needs a visibility boost to get Isadora Chocolates back on top. For Dax, a weeklong appearance on Tess Carmichael Cooks…is an unavoidable distraction.

As they test each other’s wits…and patience… on and off the set, will they mold their own success or reinvent themselves…together?

Available on Amazon.

2019 – A Year for New Inspiration!

The beginning of the year is always a time to commit to doing better, whether it’s exercising more, being a kinder person, taking time to smell the roses… Sometimes, we need a little nudge…a little inspiration. I’ll admit to getting mine from my family and my wonderful author friends at Romance Writers of America. I also find inspiration in books, reading — fiction or nonfiction — about how people overcame their challenges, both big and small.

That’s the idea behind this free, ebook giveaway. More than 50 authors are participating. Check out their work. Download all or any. Here’s the link, and have a WONDERFUL 2019!

How Do You Like Your Book Boyfriends?

Naughty or Nice? A bit of both? the 2nd Annual HOliday Romance Bookstravaganza giveaway lets you have both. This book giveaway has some really nice guys, and some real bad boys, too. Sweet romances, AND tales with lots of spice.

50 authors came together for this special deal, so you can download any or all now till January 5, 2019. Simply Click and take your pick:


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Gail Harkins