Books by Gail Harkins

Granting Christmas

What would make a perfect Christmas?

For Kayla Barent, it’s finishing her application for the prestigious Lassiter Prize, an important step to advance her career. She doesn’t have time to fall in love.

For Austin Fox, it’s a relaxing, rustic Christmas away from matchmaking friends (who always get it wrong) before throwing his heart into his new business.

Neither wants to fall in love. But Christmas amidst the ancient forests of the remote Blue Spruce Lodge can change things. Will these two have the Christmas they each hope for, or the Christmas of their dreams?

73 pages

ebook: EPub, Mobi formats

Rainforest Press

Published October 30, 2016

Home to Glenhoolie

Engaged after a whirlwind romance in the Scottish highlands, Alec and Claire’s passion for each other still burns brightly, but as springtime approaches, reality is setting in. They’re a world apart. Literally. Since the winter solstice, they’ve barely spent two weeks together. Alec must remain in Scotland as the heir to Castle Glenhoolie, while Clair is hard at work in the U.S. How can their love survive?

In this stand-alone sequel to The Winds of Glenhoolie, Alec’s solution to the widening gulf between himself and Claire is to bring her home to Glenhoolie. For Claire, adapting to castle life isn’t so simple. She’s given up family, friends, and everything familiar to follow her heart. Working as a journalist gives purpose to her days while Alec attends to his responsibilities, but when an assignment puts her in danger, Claire’s determination is pitted against Alec’s ideas of duty, threatening their lives as well as their happiness. Now the two will have to risk everything they hold dear to solve the mystery, secure their safety, and win their happily-ever-after in the mist-shrouded splendor of their highland home.

176 pages, e-book format, released September 30, 2016

Rainforest Press


Is a new career, a new address and the right man too much to ask?

Photographer Prairie Donahue’s calendar photos of kitten and puppies pays the rent – barely – and keeps her longing for more. Specifically, a career as a fine art photographer in sunny, exciting Toronto, a world away from beautiful, but rain-drenched, Vancouver. When a pedestrian accidentally flattens her to the sidewalk during a scenery shoot, her new ground level perspective is of feet – each pair tells a different story. In that Eurkea! moment, a wild idea forms. Can it land her the life she wants?

Sophisticated, business-savvy ad man Evan Lund is willing to help Prairie reach her goals. He could even love her, if he could spare time from building his agency.

Exciting, artistic film-maker Kieran Dawes shares Praire’sPrairie’s artistic sensibilities, but he has goals of his own and a secret that could destroy their chance at happiness.

Friendly, funny cargo expert Denis Sease isn’t artistic, but he’s willing to learn. That may not matter to dog-crazy Prairie unless her family’s golden Labrador, Butterscotch, accepts him, too.

Can Prairie find a way to have it all – a successful career, a man who loves and respects her and, maybe, a puppy?

300 pages, print and e-book format

Rainforest Press, Released September 6, 2014

Canary Ice – a short story

A marriage proposal on a heli-skiing trip is thwarted when Steve’s intended fiance changes places with a beautiful starlet. When their helicopter crashes, Steve’s stranded with the wrong woman and Mia wonders if he’s found a new leading lady.

Rainforest Press, Released March, 2012

e-book format

The Cliffs of Glenhoolie

Acclaimed mountain climber Hannah Fitzhugh has had her adventures. Now she craves stability. She plans to find a real job after one last summer on the rocks. Scottish textile merchant Andrew McKinnen is certainly stable, with a thousand years of family centered around the family’s picturesque highlands castle. But, for Andrew, stability isn’t enough. He needs success and, just maybe, a hint of adventure to build a life well-lived. How will these two independent individuals find their happily-ever after in this modern castle romance?

Rainforest Press, released November 4, 2012

71 pages, e-book Format

What Dreams May Come – a paranormal anthology

Rainforest Press, released October 14, 2012

e-book Format

The Winds of Glenhoolie

Stranded in a highland castle during a blizzard, will frienimies Alec and Claire bury the hatchet in an ongoing feud between past and present, progress and tradition? And, if they do, what does that mean for their futures in this modern castle romance?

Rainforest Press, released February 24, 2012

e-book format


Lava Storm in the Neighborhood, 10-minute short stories, 213 pages

Giant Tales: The World of Pirates, 3-minute short stories, 280 pages

Giant Tales: From the Misty Swamp, 3 minute short stories, 336 pages

Giant Tales: Behind the Mystic Door, 3 minute short stories, 272 pages


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