5 Reasons to Break Up…With Your Phone Service

Forty-four percent of Americans are afraid of commitment…to long-term phone contracts. For personal relationships, the number is higher — 57%.

Strangely, the two have a lot in common. Complaints about phone carriers sound a lot like complaints about significant others:

#1: Expensive (25%)
#2: Unreliable (e.g. my calls drop a lot) (10%)
#3: Unpredictable (e.g. my bill changes from month to month (9%)
#4: Possessive (e.g. they locked me in a contract) (9%)
#5: I can’t trust it (e.g. they have hidden fees) (9%)

That’s something to think about when choosing a mate or, for that matter, a phone service provider.

This Valentine’s Day survey was conducted by VoIP service provider Ooma [http://www.ooma.com].


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