Flirting’s for the Birds! Really!

When it comes to romance, our feathered friends have it figured out:

Penguins give a rock to their lady love. If she accepts, they begin collecting addition stones to build their nest. Humans typically give another type of rock: diamonds. Then they begin their homes.

Peacocks flourish their tail feathers and strut their stuff. Could the human equivalent be the pool-side saunter?

Blue-footed boobies show off their feet, picking them up and putting them down hoping the right female will be impressed and join in. We’d call that dancing.

Such moves aren’t only the prerogative of males, of course. Females of many species take time to preen to ensure they’re looking their best. Flamingoes take the extra step of using oils to bring out the richness of color in their feathers during mating season.

So, in the coming year, be your flirty best. Put yourself out there. Shake your tail feathers. Look your best. Give your loved one something special. Have a wonderful year!