For Weddings, Beautiful Can Also Be Practical

June is wedding month. But all that romDSC04212ance comes with a hefty price tag. According to The Knot’s Real Weddings Study, the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. is $32,641. That’s nearly half the average down payment on a house ($72,590), according to RealtyTrac. The average guest list include 139 people. (That’s just over $234 per guest.) Europeans, if you’re wondering, spend an average of $5,494 on weddings. I’ll bet theirs are just as nice.

Least you think I’m against romance, I’m not. The gorgeous dress, the horse and carriage, the spectacular cake and everything else is wonderful.

I’m just a fan of practicality, even as a romance writer. I’ve witnessed beautiful weddings that weren’t enormously expensive. For instance, the wedding at the park, just as dawn was breaking. The wedding and reception on a paddle wheeler in the bay. Flowers from the farmer’s market, placed in Mason jars tied with ribbons. The antique fire truck, owned by a friend, rather than a limousine.

As a romance writer, I encourage my couples to use what they have to create a beautiful wedding, but more importantly, a beautiful life together. To me, that means starting out with minimal debt. So, have your horse and carriage, if you or friends have a ranch. Have your beautiful dress (the best sales on wedding dresses are in December – or find a seamstress to make one just for you). Whatever you choose – for yourself or your characters – give it meaning, and get the marriage off on the right foot!

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