Sunny Days Plotting of Scotland

Sunny days are a huge distraction for me. Huge. HUGE. After a rainy season that starts in September and ends in late June, any chance to actually see shadows, not to mention blue sky is a treat. Some days, I take my laptop outside and plot the comings and goings of Alec and Claire, soon to be of Castle Glenhoolie.


Their story started with a speedy proposal before they were separated by responsibilities on separate continents. Now they’re dealing with the aftermath and finding their way back to each other.

I’m polishing their story now, adding the scenes that ought to be there and trimming and tweaking those that are less necessary, I need to make an addition to the final scene still, and then give this book a good front to back read before turning it over for editing.

For me, this is the hard part. Since I know their story, my mind fills in the blanks. So, I put the book down for a while and work on something else. Having done that for the past two months, I’m coming back to it with, I hope, fresh eyes. I’m aiming for publication in early autumn.


The title? Well, that’s still being discussed. It’s #2 in the Winds of Glenhoolie series, and #3 in the Glenhoolie world. Wish me luck.