Tweeting Happily Ever After

I’ve read a few modern fairy tales in the past year. Some are classic updates for modern times, and I generally enjoy them. In these tales  Prince Charming may be the boy next door, but these modern rifts still deliver the happily-ever-after we expect. Others have a twist that not only removes the sugar-coating, but injects a dose of reality I’d rather reserve for the evening news. (Imagine Tom Thumb prescribed growth hormones. No, I’d rather not.)

On Twitter, @midnight challenged people to rewrite the classics with hashtag #UpdateAFairyTale.  Check it out and see what you think. There’s something for every fairy tale taste.


Emotion Dictionaries for Writers

Did she shrug? Did he scowl? There must be a better word. “He quirked an eyebrow” just won’t do. The right words is on the tip of my tongue…or not.
Happily, help is a web search away. Here are some of my favorite sites to help writers find just the right word or physical reaction to convey specific emotions:
Words for Facial Expressions
Whether the stare was wistful or vacant, you’ll find creative options here:

Physical Tells
And, when you know the emotion but want the physical cues, check out this list from author Joanna Waugh.

Words About Emotions
Need to define the emotion further? MacMillan has some descriptors to whittle down the emotion to its essential elements.

The Emotion Thesaurus
This robust sampling from the published book lists the physical manifestations of many emotions. ~~~To get updates on my new titles for 2016 and beyond, sign up, click here.