Write What You Love!

The first month of 2016 is nearing its close. The New Year’s resolution to write seriously is losing some of its glitter as you face the task of actually putting words on the computer screen (paper being so 20th century). Friends and family are starting to nag or, worse, snigger. You have to produce something, if only for your self-esteem.
Yet, your story, the one that seemed so compelling when first conceived, isn’t working.

A word of advice? Write what you love. Weave a story around your passions, whether those passions are high tech or fly-fishing, the coziness of family or the adventures in the high peaks.

When you write about things you love doing or being somehow involved with, it shows. Your writing and story-telling are more vibrant. Readers will notice, and the supremely difficult task of finding and building an audience will be just a little bit easier.

Writing about things you love also makes the research more enjoyable and, frankly, reduces the time spent looking up details. I think of writing as a way to learn. If you’re learning more about something you already love, so much the better!

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