Why Fiction Writing Isn’t Like “Castle”

In the hit TV drama Castle, crime writer Richard Castle is wealthy, living a glamorous

"It's warm and I have a purr-fect view from here."

“It’s warm and I have a purr-fect view from here.”

life of book signings with adoring fans crowding the aisles. He plays poker with other best-selling authors and is friends with the mayor. By day he shadows a beautiful, street-savvy New York City cop – now his wife – and helps her solve murders. We rarely see him writing.

The fact is that, while writers do talk with and sometimes shadow other professionals… mainly, writers write. It’s not visually exciting. Our characters may be frolicking in the Caribbean, or attending a New Year’s ball in Vienna, but we are usually sitting in a chair, facing a computer screen, fingers on the keyboard.

Exercise often constitutes moving our cat off our laptop (it’s his favorite perch)…but we have strong, well-exercised fingers.

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