We Gather Together…and Become Fictional Heros?

This Thursday, we gather for Thanksgiving with friends and family. It’s a great time to watch a parade, play a game of touch football and catch up on the news of the year.

My own friends and family are scattered across the continent, but I’m thankful for times we’ve had together and the stories and laughter they’ve shared. Did I say stories? Yes, I did.

Those times together not only increasing bonding, they give the writers among us glimpses into lives that invariably end up in our work. Usually it isn’t an exact situation or person that is fictionalized, but snippets or character sketches that we draw on and combine with others to make our own characters live on the page.

So, to all of you – curmudgeon, drama queen, long-suffering parent and steadfast friend – I say thank you. And, if you think you see a part of yourself in my pages, please take it as a complement.

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