Best-sellers Talk About Newsletters

I spent last weekend at Portland’s Indie Unconference, talking with and learning from some of today’s best-selling authors. It was an amazing group of business-savvy writers sharing their tips for delivering content, beyond books, that engage their readers.

For example, many writers today have newsletters. They talk about new releases, of course, but many also include bonus content not available anywhere else. Susan (S.C.) Smith often includes links to free fantasy or romance short stories. Theodora Taylor likes to list top-selling books in her genre, interracial romance. Contemporary romance author Lisa Scott sometimes includes photos that inspired her works.

So, to get these and other bonuses, seek out your favorite authors and sign up for their newsletters.

I’m just starting mine. In the coming months, I expect to talk about my works in progress, reveal some new covers and share some of the photos that most inspire me.  There may even be some Flash Fiction. To sign up, click here.


2 comments on “Best-sellers Talk About Newsletters

  1. gailharkins says:

    Hi Libby, Thanks for the encouragement. I’m building my mailing list now and expect to publish my first newsletter in early 2016. I hope we can stay in touch.

  2. So important to have a good mailing list, good on you! I love staying in touch with people, and often find emailing back and forth a much better way to get to know readers.

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