Going Beyond “Like”

Beyond “Like”
You’ve finished the book. Kindle asks you to rate it before moving on. You click 5 stars. (As a writer, I hope you do!) But, did you realize other readers never see that rating?
If you really liked the book, take a moment to write a short review. It only needs to be a few sentences, but it can make HUGE difference to the author.

Why? Writers’ careers are made or broken by customer reviews.

Did you know that authors typically need at least 10 four-or-five star review to advertise? To be a featured deal on BookBub, high numbers of four and five-star reviews are a critical part of the selection process.

We’re not talking about 10 or 20 great reviews. Books in the most popular categories need hundreds of top reviews to stand out.

So, lend a hand to authors you like. Finish a book and write a short review. It makes a world of difference.

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We Gather Together…and Become Fictional Heros?

This Thursday, we gather for Thanksgiving with friends and family. It’s a great time to watch a parade, play a game of touch football and catch up on the news of the year.

My own friends and family are scattered across the continent, but I’m thankful for times we’ve had together and the stories and laughter they’ve shared. Did I say stories? Yes, I did.

Those times together not only increasing bonding, they give the writers among us glimpses into lives that invariably end up in our work. Usually it isn’t an exact situation or person that is fictionalized, but snippets or character sketches that we draw on and combine with others to make our own characters live on the page.

So, to all of you – curmudgeon, drama queen, long-suffering parent and steadfast friend – I say thank you. And, if you think you see a part of yourself in my pages, please take it as a complement.

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Best-sellers Talk About Newsletters

I spent last weekend at Portland’s Indie Unconference, talking with and learning from some of today’s best-selling authors. It was an amazing group of business-savvy writers sharing their tips for delivering content, beyond books, that engage their readers.

For example, many writers today have newsletters. They talk about new releases, of course, but many also include bonus content not available anywhere else. Susan (S.C.) Smith often includes links to free fantasy or romance short stories. Theodora Taylor likes to list top-selling books in her genre, interracial romance. Contemporary romance author Lisa Scott sometimes includes photos that inspired her works.

So, to get these and other bonuses, seek out your favorite authors and sign up for their newsletters.

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