RWA Writers Retreat – Manressa Castle

I’m heading off to Manresa Castle in Port Townsend, Washington for a writers retreat with my local Romance Writers of America chapter. This is an annual retreat with the simple goal of helping writers to write, uninterrupted by family, friends, TV, work around the house and all the other distractions. We typically rack up a significant word count during these weekends, aided by writing sprints.

No, we’re not out in our track gear. Instead we’re doing timed writing without interruptions. So, check your word count, set your timer for 30 minutes, and go! See what you can accomplish with a few of these each day. Or, if your’e stymied, brainstorm to get over the roadblock.

Our members have a range of experience, from big New York houses to indie publishing, so someone is bound to have insights into the publishing world, and to ways to advance plots.

If you’re in the Olympia, Washington area, join us at our monthly meetings (except July and August, when we don’t meet). Details at: