“Word Crimes” Rocks Out

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s music video “Word Crimes” is making the YouTube rounds. It’s a fun, clever look at the grammar conundrums, rather like Schoolhouse Rock for the current generation. Check it out.

Think of all the inconsistencies in the English language. Did you mean “it’s” or “its” (it is, or something that belongs to it), “their, they’re or there?” not to mention — which Al doesn’t this time — the differences between American and British word usage and punctuation.


Too many ideas, too little time

I’m just back from a vacation through the deep South with new ideas for another book. I found the most beautiful plantation and a modern story to go with it… Alas, I must finish the book I’m working one first!

It’s nearly finished. Really! The title is Perspective, and follows the life of a 20-something photographer as she gain the confidence to leave her home in Vancouver ¬†for the fine art scene in her dream city of Toronto. I plan to have it out later this year. Knock on wood!