Most Likely to Succeed

Author Kate Davies has an intriguing idea for a series of novellas, based upon all those “Most Likely to…” votes we did all in high school. Of course, life doesn’t always turn out as planned. Book One of the “Most Likely to…” series comes out March 25. 21,000 words. Take a look.


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Review – A Dream of Harmony

I just finished reading  “A Dream of Harmony” by Debby Lee. This is  a delightful short story of 33 pages, a sweet, inspirational romance with characters that are are lovingly drawn.

It tells the tale of Sharon, a half-Indian, half Caucasian girl, who is searching for a sister who was plucked from the family by child services some ten years earlier. As the story opens, Dr. Martin Luther King is assassinated. Sharon’s reaction to the news reverberates throughout this poignant story, as she reacts to the racial tensions of the times and the fears of never seeing her sister again. Sharon is aided by her childhood friend, Robert, who also disappeared from her life during childhood. Deeply attracted to his kind and handsome man, tension builds as the wrestles with fears commitment and the challenges of youth during the American 1960s.

Debby Lee gets the details right. This gentle story is lovingly drawn, beautifully written and so tender that, at times, it brought tears to my eyes.

What do writers watch on TV?

I had an interesting discussion with some of my writer friends yesterday. We were talking about TV shows, what we watched and why. Several of us love Castle for its vivid characters and intricate plot twists. I’m a fan of Frasier, which I watched in reruns last summer. Why? I loved the structure of the show, which reminds me of a three act play and is a great template for short stories. What do you watch, and why? Leave a comment. I’d like to know.