Oldies But Goodies – A Princess of Mars

In the rush to read today’s greatest hits, don’t overlook the favorites of yesteryear.


I just completed “The Princess of Mars” by Edgar Rice Burroughs and utterly loved it! Romance, action, adventure, fantastic creatures…it has it all, making this a real page turner — after you get past the prologue and early set up (30 pages).

Written in 1917, the notion of Mars as a moss-covered planet is hilarious to modern readers. Overlook that. Focus on the story — an Earth man finding his way through alien, warring cultures to rescue himself and a human-like princess from a higher civilization. I”d love to tell you more but can’t without spoiling the surprises. The love story is tender, the action swift, the story exciting. All in all, it stands the tests of time.

Download it for free through the Gutenburg Project, or find it at your local library. It’s also available as an audio book at the Gutenberg Project.



One comment on “Oldies But Goodies – A Princess of Mars

  1. Redhead says:

    I’ve been working my way through an audio recording of Princess of Mars, and I am loving, loving LOVING the story, but the quality of the audio I have is just so-so, which is too bad. hard to believe, in not too long this story will be a hundred years old.

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