New Cover!

The Cliffs of Glenhoolie has a new cover, thanks to Scott Dutton, a talented young graphic designer. This sweet, rock-climbing romance is set in the hills of northwestern Scotland near the fictional castle of Glenhoolie. It explores the recently-changed aspirations of world-class mountaineer Hannah and a Drew, young Scotsman she meets on the road to a climbing rendezvous. Oh – I lowered the price, too, to 99 cents. So, if you’ve been curious, taken advantage of this low-cost opportunity.

This  is a companion to The Winds of Glenhoolie, which follows  the romance of Drew’s cousin, Alec, heir to Glenhoolie and an American journalist on assignment in Scotland just before Christmas.


Barnes & Noble:


Giant Tales, The Mystic Door is coming soon. This collection of three-minute stories has 16 writers who each contributed 4 stories. It’s an inventive, entertaining group, and I’m happy to be among them!


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