New Cover!

The Cliffs of Glenhoolie has a new cover, thanks to Scott Dutton, a talented young graphic designer. This sweet, rock-climbing romance is set in the hills of northwestern Scotland near the fictional castle of Glenhoolie. It explores the recently-changed aspirations of world-class mountaineer Hannah and a Drew, young Scotsman she meets on the road to a climbing rendezvous. Oh – I lowered the price, too, to 99 cents. So, if you’ve been curious, taken advantage of this low-cost opportunity.

This  is a companion to The Winds of Glenhoolie, which follows  the romance of Drew’s cousin, Alec, heir to Glenhoolie and an American journalist on assignment in Scotland just before Christmas.


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Giant Tales, The Mystic Door is coming soon. This collection of three-minute stories has 16 writers who each contributed 4 stories. It’s an inventive, entertaining group, and I’m happy to be among them!


Giant Tales: Behind the Mystic Door

Winter is hurling snow at the southeastern US ,and I awoke to foggy skies (as usual) here in the Pacific Northwest. There’s no update yet on the publication date of Giant Tales: Behind the Mystic Door, but it’s comming soon. The correct Facebook link is:

A Break from Winter

Winter winds are  blowing off the distant prairies, bringing cold temperatures and clear skies to my  normally gray corner of the continent. Like many this time of year, I daydream of warm sun and sandy beaches. Alas, those warm beaches must be found in books.

All is not lost, though. Word just came that the cover was finalized for an anthology of three-minute short stories, called “Giant Stories: Behind the Mystic Door.” I know it will have sunflowers and sunny skies, as well as a lot of other temperatures, climates and locations. It publishes soon as an e-book. You can check it out at

Happy Reading!