There’s Something About Scotland

What is it about Scotland? Whether it’s the rugged countryside or the convivial pubs and traditional music, the country stirs the imagination and roils the blood. You don’t believe it? Just look at the rash of novels set there.

Margaret Mallory’s award-winning Highlander series, which was just completed, brings the early Middle Ages to swash-buckling life. Diane Gabaldon just added a book of short stories set in the 18th century that follows some of the secondary characters from her acclaimed Outlander series. And I, Gail Harkins, continued my modern Glenhoolie stories. Ten months after publishing The Winds of Glenhoolie, The Cliffs of Glenhoolie is out. Set in the vicinity of Castle Glenhoolie in northwestern Scotland, this modern romance follows world-class mountain climber Hannah Fitzhugh and businessman Andrew McKinnon, cousin to the heir of Glenhoolie, as they explore the local cliffs and their very different lives.

As a vacation spot, Scotland is one of my scenic favorites. Misty sea lochs and ancient castles, golden hillsides and shaded glens, the purple hillsides above Loch Katerine…these are the things I greatly enjoy and the places I go in daydreams and, therefore, in many of my e-books. I hope you’ll join Hannah and Drew as they explore the Cliffs of Glenhoolie.


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