What Dreams May Come

A fog has settled over the land, replacing yesterday’s warmth and sunshine with  a grayness that saps the green forests of their color and turns the golden grasses to dun-colored sticks. It is, in essence, a harbinger of autumn, bringing the hope of rains…rains that should have begun in September.

This is a time to contemplate changes and partitions in life…and in death. If death is only a horizon, as the Carly Simon song says, the apparitions that come in the night may just be real. Maybe. We don’t really know.

“What Dreams May Come”, my short anthology of short stories, comes out this month from Rainforest Press. Expect three short reads about changing, partitions and taking charge in the here or hereafter.

I’ll be discussing this new collection Wednesday, October 10, with fellow writer Serena Zane at her site: http://www.serenazaneauthor.blogspot.com

Come join us, and tell us what you’re thinking.

Kind regards,



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