What If…

The road not traveled has a powerful lure in our memories. If we had said yes, how would our lives have turned out? If you could redo one part of your life, would you do anything differently?

Would it be simple – skipping the jelly doughnut for running – or more complex –  chucking city life for the country or vice versa? Taking a chance? Playing it safe?

As the trees begin to turn and yellow school buses travel the roads, thoughts of what might have been live alongside what still can be. I’m exploring one “might have been” now, reading “In the Kingdom of Men.” It explores the life of one young Aramco wife in Saudi Arabia. From Oklahoma, like the heroine, with friends and family in big oil at one time or another, it paints a powerfully vivid picture of a side of life much discussed but never experienced. Those days, for me,  are long gone and I’m happily married to a fellow novelist and living on a tree farm. What a difference!

What might have beens are you exploring?

Kind regards,